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You can also ship your surface/laptop/ surface book to us from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. 

The Best Microsoft Surface Repair Halifax

Are you looking for the best Microsoft Surface repair services in Halifax? Our experienced technicians have experience diagnosing and repairing all kinds of Microsoft Surface issues. Anything from screen replacement to power issues, we can help bring your Surface back to like-new condition.

With so many repair shops available in Halifax, it’s difficult to know who you can trust with your Microsoft Surface. Experience, price and efficiency are among the top considerations when consumers are looking for repair services for their devices. The Repair Store checks all three boxes! We provide professional service you can trust, fair pricing and fast service.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide the best Microsoft Surface repair services in Halifax.

How To Get Your Microsoft Surface Repaired

We Cover The Registered Insured Shipping On The Return.

Step 1

Call to talk to a technical to get diagnosis and pricing over the phone

Step 2

Mail Your Microsoft Surface To Our Address:
The Repair Store
2470 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4P 2H5

Step 3

We will contact you via email and phone for result.

Step 4

Arrange shipping back to the customer.

Don’t worry, we pay for return shipping!

Microsoft Surface Issues

Don’t let your Microsoft Surface device go to waste. Come in for a repair to get it back up and running as good as new. Our experienced techs fix every type of damage, including screen, charging port, battery, earpiece, headphone jack and more. If it can be fixed, we will fix your Surface. Repairs to your Surface include screen, charging port, battery, earpiece, headphone jack and more.

Service Repair Options

Carry-In Microsoft Surface Repair Halifax


Mail-In Microsoft Surface Repair Halifax

Mail-In Repair

We Come To You Microsoft Surface Repair Halifax

We Come To You

Models We Fix

  • Surface Pro 9
  • Surface Pro 8
  • Surface Pro x
  • Surface Pro 7 Plus
  • Surface Pro 7
  • Surface Pro 6
  • Surface Pro 5
  • Surface Pro 4
  • Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Surface Pro
  • Surface Go 2
  • Surface Go
  • Surface 3
  • Surface 2
  • Surface RT
  • Surface Laptop 4 15”
  • Surface Laptop 4 13.5
  • Surface Laptop 3 15"
  • Surface Laptop 3 13.5"
  • Surface Laptop 2 13.5 “
  • Surface Laptop 1 13.5”
  • Surface Laptop Go
  • Surface Book 3 15"
  • Surface Book 3 13.5"
  • Surface Book 2 15 “
  • Surface Book 2 13.5"
  • Surface Book 1 13.5 “

If You Don’t See Your Model Listed Call Us for a Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions On Microsoft Surface Repair

My Microsoft Surface screen is cracked. Can it be repaired?

Yes, Microsoft surface/pro etc can be replaced and work like new again.

My Microsoft Surface doesn’t charge anymore. Can it be repaired?

Most of the time the charging port is damaged and yes can be replaced.

My Microsoft Surface doesn’t hold charge as well anymore. What should I do ?

When your device isn’t holding its charge we replace the battery to buy it a new lease on life.

My speaker isn’t working on my Microsoft Surface. Can it be repaired?

Yes, microphones and speakers can be replaced.

My Microsoft Surface is getting warm or is making noises. What is wrong with it ?

Sometimes the internal fan can get damaged and stop cooling your device properly, or fan blades can get damaged and also act up, or the device may need to be thermal pasted to get the heat from the CPU to the fan system, bring it in, let us give it a tune-up.

My camera on my Microsoft Surface is damaged. Can it be replaced?

Yes, cameras for the surface can be replaced front and rear.

My SIM card isn’t reading on my Microsoft Surface. Is that repairable?

Yes, most sim readers can be replaced so you can use your data once again.

The Repair Store.

Microsoft Surface Repair

Your Microsoft Surface can be repaired.

Repairs to your Surface include screen, charging port, battery, earpiece, headphone jack, power button, volume button and more.

If it can be fixed, we will fix your Surface.

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