Nintendo Switch & Lite Bad Earphones / Not Reading Disk

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Nintendo Switch Repair

If your game cartridges aren’t working, if you are experiencing no sound out of your headphones, or perhaps the microphone isn’t working, bring your Nintendo switch or switch light in. We can repair it.

These issues come from normal use of the consoles it means we have to replace the game card reader slot with 3.5 mm audio jack. This is a small motherboard that includes both earphone jack and a new game slot reader.

The Repair store replaces the old worn out part with a new original one and gets your console operating like nee again do come in today and get back to gaming

Nintendo Switch - No Power

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We Come To You

Frequently Asked Questions On Nintendo Repair

My Nintendo switch/light isn’t reading the sd card reader can this be repaired?

Yes, the sd reader can be replaced come on in today.

My Nintendo switch/light isn’t reading games can this be repaired?

Yes, the card reader can be replaced with a new one and your games will load again.

My Nintendo switch/light has an issue with the earphone jack there is no sound can this be repaired?

Yes, the earphone jack can be replaced.

The Repair Store.

Nintendo Switch & Lite Repair

Booting issues, battery replacement, display problems, broken screen, charging port – you name it.

We will diagnose and repair your Switch so you can play again.

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