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If your Nintendo switch/ switch light is making noises, is turning off after playing for over 30 minutes, is ramping up and sounds like a small jet engine, it sounds like your Nintendo needs a little help.

The Repair Store can diagnose and repair your console. From replacement of the internal cooling fan system, replacement of the heat sync to repairing the motherboard chip that controls the fan system, to simple cleaning.

We work on issues like these every week and would be pleased to do a Nintendo switch repair and back up and working properly. These consoles are pricey and can last for years if properly serviced. Bring your console in have it repaired today

Frequently Asked Questions On Nintendo Repair

My Nintendo switch/light is overheating, making noise shutting down, etc can this be repaired?

Yes, the fan can be replaced, if it’s not the fan it can also be a chip on the motherboard that has to be replaced.

The Repair Store.

Nintendo Switch & Lite Repair

Booting issues, battery replacement, display problems, broken screen, charging port – you name it.

We will diagnose and repair your Switch so you can play again.

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