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Nintendo Wii Repair

Nintendo Wii Repair Shop In Toronto

Your Nintendo Wii or Wii U is probably one of your more popular household entertainment pieces so why not ensure that it is functioning properly. The Repair Store has a team of professionals specializing in game console repair including Nintendo Wii repair in the Toronto area.

We know there are many different reasons that your Nintendo Wii or Wii U may not be working and we have seen every issue. For this reason, we are able to quickly diagnose your system and either make recommendations for next steps or repair your Nintendo Wii back to like-new condition. Contact The Repair Store today for fast, affordable Nintendo Wii repair services.

Common Nintendo Wii Issues

Do you have a defective Wii system? We can fix it, whatever the problem. Fix any problem with your Nintendo Wii, from cleaning to removing stuck objects, correcting reading errors, laser replacement, laser and drive repair, motherboard replacement and more.

We have been fixing Wii consoles for years. If it’s just a cleaning or stuck object removal, we can take care of your Wii. If it requires laser replacement or motherboard repair, we do that too. Don’t hesitate and bring in your Wii for service now!

Our Nintendo Wii & Wii U Repair Services

Drive Replacement

Expert diagnosis and repair or replacement of your device hard drive.

Make sure your data stays safe and salvaged if necessary.

Expert repairs on all hard drive issues, on all makes and brands.

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Drive Repair
If your drive is giving you trouble, no matter what the device, we can help. Bring us your device – we will diagnose your drive issues, and come up with the right solution. Drive repair is a specialty of ours. You can count on our expert drive repairs.

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No Power

Power issues are not uncommon. We have seen them all.

We will assess and diagnose your device’s power issue and come up with a repair you can trust.

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Blank Screen
They can be frustrating, but they are not necessarily the end of your device. Bring us your blank screen issues. We expertly diagnose and repair all types of blank screen issues, on just about every device out there. We can help.

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No Bluetooth

For all your device Bluetooth issues – we are experts at sourcing out the problem and correcting it for you.

Get up and running again; bring us your device’s Bluetooth issues and we will diagnose and fix the issue.

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Laser Replacement
If your device is experiencing issues with its laser, let us have a look at it. We have the expertise to determine the exact cause of the malfunction. If your laser requires replacement, we can handle it. Bring us your laser replacement issues.

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We Come To You

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FAQs On Nintendo Wii Repair

My Nintendo Wii/ Wii u games aren’t loading can this be repaired?

Yes, most of the time the drive or laser is worn out, and we can replace the drive so you can get back to gaming.

I don’t see picture on my Nintendo Wii. what is wrong?

It can be your av cables need changing or perhaps the motherboard is having an issue due to its age, bring it by for a free diagnosis.

My Nintendo Wii u LCD or digitizer is cracked can this be repaired?

Yes, the screen can be replaced on the Wii u either the touch screen or the internal LCD.

My Nintendo Wii u isn’t charging can this be repaired?

Yes, the charging connection on the Wii u can be replaced.

My joysticks or buttons on my Nintendo Wii u aren’t working properly can this be repaired?

Yes, buttons and joysticks are replaceable on the Nintendo Wii u, bring it in and let’s get your machine up and running.

My Bluetooth on my Nintendo Wii u isn’t working can this be repaired?

Yes, the Bluetooth chip can be replaced with no problem.

My Nintendo Wii / Wii u console is overheating-can this be repaired?

Yes, the most common issue is the fan system is worn out and has to be replaced, we can replace it whenever you have the time.

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The Repair Store.

Nintendo Wii & Wii U Repair

We can fix your Wii, from cleaning to removing stuck objects, correcting reading errors, laser replacement, laser and drive repair, motherboard replacement and more.

Need help with your Wii, and we will take care of you.

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