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Play Station Repair

Has your PlayStation3 PlayStation4 stopped saving? Is your console giving you error messages? Is your console running really slowly? Is your console asking you to update the software and either doesn’t allow you to do it or continues to ask you to update the software after you’ve done it?

If this sounds familiar it may be time to replace your hard drive. After many years these hard drives do wear out and from time to time need to be replaced.

The Repair Store carries PlayStation replacement hard drives, sizes ranging from 500 gigs to 1 terabyte and up. This type of repair can be done the same day and even sometimes while you wait.

Don’t let a faulty hard drive take you out of the game. Let’s install a new hard drive, new software and get you games by again today

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  • PlayStation 3
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  • PlayStation 4
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We Come To You

Frequently Asked Questions On PLAYSTATION Repair

My drive on my PlayStation 3,4,5 isn’t working or taking discs. What's wrong with it?

Most of the time the disc drive wear out and have to be replaced or rebuilt, very common issue and can be repaired bring it in today

My PlayStation 3,4,5 asks me to upgrade the software and it’s not updating. What should I do?

Most of the time when this occurs the hard drive needs replacement. Bring it in today.

Do you not see your issue listed ?

Please call the technician if you don’t see your issue.

The Repair Store.

PlayStation Repair

The Repair Store can diagnose and repair issues with your PS3 or PS4 unit: Laser, Drive, Cleaning, Wave on the screen, No picture/no video, Freezing, and more.

If your PS4 or PS3 can be fixed, we will fix it. If not, we will tell you honestly, and give you expert advice on what you should do.

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