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Common Issues

Bad Laser

Your gaming device has a bad laser. We will diagnose the issue and provide an expert repair.

We understand gaming devices. Your malfunctioning laser can be repaired.

We will diagnose the problem, and execute a quality repair.

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Hdmi Port Replacement

HDMI port replacement, and other types of hardware replacement.

Bring us your device and we will provide high-quality, long life replacement parts. HDMI port replacement and more.

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Red Rings
The Red Ring of Death on your Xbox 360 is not the death of your console. We can analyse and correct the cause of your red rings. You’ll be playing again in no time. We repair red rings, expertly and affordably.

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No Power

Power issues are not uncommon. We have seen them all.

We will assess and diagnose your device’s power issue and come up with a repair you can trust.

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Software Issues

Devices experience software issues all the time.

No matter what type of device, we can sort out your software troubles.

Expert diagnosis and assessment of all software matters. We can reset, or fix any software trouble you are having.

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No Sound

Assessment and diagnosis of your sound issues.

Put our expertise to work in identifying your device issues regarding sound – no sound, in and out, crackling, distorted.

We will figure it out and tell you what needs to be done to fix it.

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Not Reading Discs

If your drive is giving you a hard time, let us take a look.

We can repair disc drives that are not reading properly, or not reading at all.

Expert disc drive repairs at an affordable price.

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No WiFi

For all your device wifi issues – we are experts at sourcing out the problem and correcting it for you.

Get up and running again; bring us your device’s wifi issues and we will diagnose and fix the issue.

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Error Message

Error messages can happen when something in your device’s software or hardware fails or malfunctions.

We would be happy to assess your unit, to see what is causing the error message and figuring out exactly what needs to be done to get it working right again.

Expert error message diagnosis and repair.

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The Repair Store.

Xbox Repair

Let us have a look at your broken Xbox. We can do laser repairs, freezing graphics, and more, to all types of Xbox units.

We have years of experience on all kinds of Xbox repairs.

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